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Dynamic Star specializes in creating value in the pre-development phase of large scale mixed use projects with challenging zoning, environmental and financing issues. Our firm has succesfully worked with financial institutions and government agencies on several notable ground up developments involving complex land use, entitlement, community, environmental and preservation issues to create mutually agreeable solutions in the interest of all parties.

To execute our design & development strategies, Dynamic Star teams up with world class architectual, engineering, design and constrution firms. To navigate the complexities of the entitlment and approvals process, Dynamic Star relies on a seasoned team of lobbyists, political consultants, public relations experts, land use and zoning attorneys.  Dynamic Star also benefits from deep knowledge and expertise gained from partneringand transacting with some of the most recognized New York City real estate companies and property owners.

Repositioning, Workouts, Turnarounds, & Adaptive Reuse

Dynamic Star has extensive experience and a long track record of real estate workout, turnaround, and distressed asset management experience on behalf of lenders and for own portfolio. Our value recovery services include;

• Evaluate the asset to Identify most profitable uses for short and long term
• Identify potential alternative financing sources., recommend lender exit strategies
• Develop marketing and sales strategies, apply realistic market timelines
• Negotiate with parties to avoid foreclosure. and offer recapitalization and forbearance strategies to maximize returns to lender
• Raise equity or provide partners for borrowers’ LTV or capital needs 
• Obtain independent market feasibility studies to verify restructuring scenario and manage risk 
• Act expeditiously to quickly seize control of the asset and its cash flow to minimize damage
• Preserve value by strategic leasing, property, asset management and other stabilization efforts 
• Identify qualified potential purchasers or joint venture partners and position property or loan for sale to maximize value.


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