Repositioning, Workouts, Turnarounds, & Adaptive Reuse

Dynamic Star has extensive experience and a long track record of real estate workout, turnaround, and distressed asset management experience on behalf of lenders and for own portfolio. Our value recovery services include;

• Evaluate the asset to Identify most profitable uses for short and long term
• Identify potential alternative financing sources., recommend lender exit strategies
• Develop marketing and sales strategies, apply realistic market timelines
• Negotiate with parties to avoid foreclosure. and offer recapitalization and forbearance strategies to maximize returns to lender
• Raise equity or provide partners for borrowers’ LTV or capital needs 
• Obtain independent market feasibility studies to verify restructuring scenario and manage risk 
• Act expeditiously to quickly seize control of the asset and its cash flow to minimize damage
• Preserve value by strategic leasing, property, asset management and other stabilization efforts 
• Identify qualified potential purchasers or joint venture partners and position property or loan for sale to maximize value.


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