Dynamic Star

Dynamic Star is a consortium of companies which provide real estate investment, development, sales and marketing services for a number of properties in New York City and worldwide. Led by founders Brad Zackson and Gary Segal, our executive team possesses expertise in a broad range of real estate and financial disciplines, including; construction, land use, zoning, analytics, underwriting, finance, banking, public markets and private equity.

Our investment selection process targets undervalued assets with latent potential for redevelopment to higher and better uses. Dynamic Star has successfully acquired, developed, converted and operated properties across several asset classes and through multiple economic cycles. Dynamic Star has established a track record of delivering creative solutions and innovative concepts to solve complex real esate issues and maximize value for our investors.

Dynamic Star's long standing relationships with premier institutional investors, lenders, architects, engineers, attorneys, contractors, brokers and other real estate "insiders", provide Dynamic Star early access to highly sought opportunities in the ultra competitive New York City marketplace.
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