"Creative Thinking... Global Vision"


Dynamic Star, LLC. (“Dynamic Star”) is a full-service real estate development, investment and marketing firm with expertise in a broad range of real estate, construction and financial disciplines, including land use, zoning and underwriting. Dynamic Star's executive team has over 30 years of experience in New York City real estate development, planning, investment and construction. Dynamic Star has the proven capacity to develop, convert and operate properties across several asset classes, while providing creative solutions to solve complex real estate issues. 


Dynamic Star specializes in creating value in the pre-development phase of large scale mixed-use projects with challenging zoning, environmental and financing issues. Dynamic Star has successfully worked with financial institutions and government agencies on several notable ground-up developments involving complex land use, entitlement, community, environmental and preservation issues to create mutually agreeable and beneficial solutions in the interest of all parties.

"Real Estate Intelligence"


Dynamic Star's executives have over three decades of experience, gaining expertise and creating long-term relationships with governments, corporations and institutional investors. Through a refined network of strategic business contacts, Dynamic Star seeks to gain early access to emerging opportunities in fast growing markets.


Dynamic Star collaborates with world class architectural, engineering, design and construction firms to navigate the complexities of the entitlement and approvals processes, and relies on a seasoned team of consultants, public relations experts, land use and zoning attorneys. Dynamic Star also benefits from the knowledge and expertise gained from partnering and transacting with some of the most recognized New York City real estate companies and property owners. 

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